Something you must know about Spain. 環遊世界第一站:西班牙

1. Spain has the highest number of bars per inhabitant of any country in the European Union. 西班牙是歐盟中最多酒吧的國家

It’s nearly impossible to be anywhere in the country that isn’t within walking distance to a bar. Even in the smallest pueblos (villages) there is always at least one bar or pub frequented regularly by locals.


2. It is legal to grow and smoke marijuana in Spain. 在西班牙是可以合法種植和抽大麻

Although, it’s all still somewhat of a “grey area”, you can buy marijuana seeds, but not plants. You can grow them in your home, but if a neighbor complains, you may still face charges. A judge will decide if the number of plants in your home is “too much” (meaning it’s probably used for more than just personal use). This is still complicated, though, because there is no official set limit of how much is too much.


3. Speaking of tobacco… 談到抽菸…

Nearly 30% of Spaniards smoke, and around 40% of youths (aged 17-24) light up regularly. It’s not overly uncommon to see junior-high or high-school aged children smoking.


4. The Sagrada Familia has been under construction for nearly 130 years! 聖家堂已經蓋了130多年了

The Sagrada Familia is the icon of one of Spain’s most world-renowned cities, Barcelona. What’s interesting is that it’s not even finished yet! It’s a large, Roman Catholic church designed by architect Antoni Gaudí. Construction began in 1882. And it’s not projected to be finished until 2026.


5. The Eiffel Tower was meant for Barcelona. 艾菲爾鐵塔原本要是給巴塞隆納

It’s hard to imagine this French symbol anywhere but France. But, initially the design was presented to the city of Barcelona. Funny as it may seem, the construction was rejected because people thought it wasn’t “pretty enough.”


1. inhabitant (n.) 居民

The Great Wall was originally designed to protect the inhabitants in China.

2. renowned (adj.) 知名的

The University is renowned for its excellent reputation.

3. construction (n.) 建築物

The hotel is currently under construction.

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