小編記得剛去美國讀書時,晚上在家看夜間脫口秀(late night show)時一開始只能聽懂75~80%的笑點。後來經過努力不懈地了解政治和演藝界的名人和時事之後,就越聽越懂許多笑點。




底下是abc電視台Jimmy Kmmel的脫口秀片段。


1.  What is President Trump’s approval rate?

2.  What is the occasion for the street interview?


這裡提供主持人Jimmy Kimmel的開場白讓大家能夠對照聽力練習。

On Saturday, President Trump celebrates his first year in office. Been almost a year since the inauguration, even though it seems like—it's like dog years—it seems like so many more. President Trump's approval rating, according to the polls that were released today, is at 37 percent, which isn't great. But that was a poll of adults. I wanna see what kids thought of his first year in office. So we stopped some children out on the street and asked them "How is the president doing?" And their answers went exactly like this. 

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