Christmas is for families to spend time together and having a big feast can always bring joy and laughter to everyone at the table.



Mince Pies


  Also known as “mincemeat”, a mince pie is a sweet pie filled with fruits and spices. They start showing up everywhere during Christmas season at parties, cafés, shops and supermarkets. To make mince pies taste better, mulled wine is the first choice of drink to go with. People believe that having a mince pie every day of December brings good luck. So, by the time the holiday season is over, most Brits are fed up with mince pies.




Mulled Wine


  It’s usually made with red wine along with different kinds of spices, especially with orange, lemon, cinnamon, star anise, ginger and nutmeg. These spices are boiled with maple syrup before the red wine is added. Its hot or warm is why it’s so popular and traditional during winter, especially around Christmas.




Beef Wellington


  Always one of the star dishes on the table, the steak wrapped in puff pastry and baked. It tastes as amazing as it looks. The steak is well seasoned with salt, pepper and spices. This dish shares the same importance with roast chicken or turkey.




Roast Chicken/Turkey and All the Trimmings


  If the red meat is not your favorite, this dish is absolutely the most popular main course on the holiday table. In a tray, some common delicious side dishes to the chicken/turkey are:

•    Roast potatoes

•    Roast Brussels sprouts, carrots and other vegetables

•    Pigs in blankets: small sausages wrapped in bacon


  These trimmings give more flavors to the dish and satisfy everyone’s appetite.




Christmas Pudding


  The traditional Christmas pudding in the UK looks like a cannonball made of dried fruits, nuts, flour, eggs, butter, spices and lots of alcohol. A good Christmas pudding is made months before Christmas with the alcohol, Brandy or Whisky, to flavor up the dried fruits. Then the hot brandy is poured over it when it comes to the table. What everyone looks forward to is to light up the brandy and set the pudding in flames. A small piece of  pudding goes the best with some ice cream or custard. Traditionally, a penny coin is baked in the pudding. The one who finds it can have good luck for the coming new year.


  Christmas dinner can be a symbol of having a happy ending of this year and welcoming flying colors for the coming new year! No matter what food you want, just don't forget the meaning of Christmas: gratitude and blessing.


feast 盛宴

brit 英國人

wrap 包裹

season 調味

roast 烤

trimming 鑲邊飾物

tray 托盤

blanket 毯

appetite 食慾

cannonball 砲彈

pour 傾倒

flame 火焰

custard 卡士達醬

Ingredients & Spices  食材香料小百科

cinnamon 肉桂

star anise 八角茴香

ginger 薑

nutmeg 肉豆蔻

nuts 堅果

maple syrup 楓糖漿

brandy 白蘭地

whisky 威士忌

puff pastry 千層酥皮

Brussels sprouts 球芽甘藍

Reading Comprehension

1. According to the reading, what makes mulled wine popular?

  (A) It has alcohol.

  (B) It tastes sweet.

  (C) It has many flavors.

  (D) It served warm or hot.


2. The brit Eric wants to have good luck for the coming new year, what may make his dream come true?

  (A) Finishing the whole roast turkey.

  (B) Having a mince pie on Wednesdays of December.

  (C) Eating a lot of Brussels sprouts at the Christmas dinner.

  (D) Finding a coin from the slice of Christmas pudding on your plate.


3. Which is wrong?

  (A) There is no meat in mince pie.

  (B) Christmas pudding is made on Christmas Day.

  (C) Mulled wine can be a perfect drink to go with dessert.

  (D) Roast chicken is a popular main course for Christmas dinner.













烤雞 /烤火雞及美味小菜

如果紅肉不是你的最愛,這道菜絕對是假日餐桌上最受歡迎的主菜。在托盤中,搭配雞肉 / 火雞肉的一些常見的美味小菜是:

•     烤馬鈴薯

•     烤球芽甘藍、胡蘿蔔和其他蔬菜

•     熱狗捲:用培根包裹的小香腸




  英國傳統的聖誕布丁看起來像一個用乾果、堅果、麵粉、雞蛋、奶油、香料和大量的酒製成的砲彈。一個好的聖誕節布丁要在聖誕節前幾個月,用白蘭地酒或威士忌酒來為乾果調味。然後,當它送上餐桌時,將熱的白蘭地倒在上面。每個人都期待的是點燃白蘭地,然後讓布丁在火焰中被送上桌。一小塊布丁最適合搭配一些冰淇淋或卡士達醬。 傳統上,人們會在布丁中烤一枚一分錢硬幣。找到它的人可以為即將來臨的新年帶來好運。




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